Ready to Move

Follow a Moving Timeline

Don't do the "chicken with your head cut off" thing on moving day. We've prepared a helpful checklist for you to help ensure a smooth move.

Helpful Packing Hints: At Your Old Place

One By One

Pack one room at a time (instead of many all at once) to keep yourself task-focused. Create a calendar with deadline for packing each room.

Elevate Boxes

Clean off a counter, table or desk, and get the boxes you're packing off the floor. You'll get much more accomplished and suffer less body strain.

One-Third Rule

Refuse to give in to your inner pack rat. Have a yard sale or donate items with a goal of getting rid of 1/3 of your belongings.

Scale It

Keep a bathroom scale in the room you're packing. Ideal weight per box: 30 lbs. Absolute maximum weight: 50 lbs.

Double-Box Fragile Electronics

Pack them in biodegradable packing peanuts in a small box, then pack the small box in a larger box and surround it with biodegradable peanuts. Use at least two inches of peanuts around other fragile items.

Helpful Packing Hints: At Your New Orleans Homes

Labels Out

Ask movers to stack boxes in your new place with the labels facing out so that you can easily spot a specific box.

Verify Delivery

Check off each box/box number as it gets unloaded, so you'll know everything arrived safely.


Focus on "Open Me First" boxes in the bathrooms and kitchens first.

Trash and Recyclables Boxes

Put at least one trash bag (for the real trash) and one large emptied box (for used packing paper and biodegradable peanuts) in each room BEFORE you start the heavy unpacking.

Time Management

Decide how many boxes you will unpack per day and stick to the schedule, so you aren't overwhelmed.